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Recreation therapy is a therapy based on engagement in recreation activities (music, games, art, exercise and more) to enhance the function, independence, well-being and  quality of life in individuals. 


Through assessment, planning and delivery of recreation and leisure programs, a  Recreation Therapist helps people to: 

• Improve physical and cognitive abilities 

• Increase confidence and self-esteem 

• Reducing symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety 

• Foster greater involvement in the community 

• Strengthen interpersonal skills and relationships

• Improve coping and adaptation skills 

• Enhance wellbeing 

• Encourage a greater sense of accomplishment 

Many programs use Montessori principles, where recreational activities are purposeful,  meaningful, and individually rewarding. These therapeutic interventions are designed to  encourage meaningful participation while respecting each person’s interests and dignity.

Robyn Emerson-Boyd

Robyn Emerson-Boyd

Robyn holds a diploma in Recreation Therapy, a diploma in Recreation and Leisure Services and is a member of Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (TRO). She has two years experience working in a Long-Term Care Home which includes working with people living with Dementia and is certified in Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) in Dementia Care: Supporting Persons with Responsive Behaviours. 

Working as an activity aide, Robyn has experience developing and implementing a variety of programs using Montessori principles in all the recreation therapy domains using including physical health, emotional health, cognitive health, social health and spiritual health. 
Some of her favourite programs are chair yoga, chair aerobics, painting, other art therapy programs, baking, games and many more! 

Robyn’s dream is to provide recreation and leisure programs to her clients to help make everyday as full of meaning and hope as possible. Robyn was born and raised in the Parry Sound area and is looking forward to bringing her passion for helping people through a variety of different Recreation Therapy and Leisure programs to members of the community! 

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