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We want to help eliminate barriers for community members to have better  access to  mental and physical health resources, education, and training. 


This is the jumpstart to creating success, joy and and peace into your life. The plan with the jumpstart program is to dig deep with why you are feeling stuck or unhappy. We are here to help you find solutions to get you on track, feeling good and working toward your goals. 

Fight to Empower

It will focus on building your self image, confidence, and overall physical fitness via Kickboxing techniques. You will be motivated by creating your own positive mantras as you become stronger physically and mentally.


We offer either a 1 off or 6 week fitness program designed to build stamina, get lean, improve agility, endurance, coordination. And not to mention it is a great stress reliever! Each session starts with a quick warm up and practice of the basic techniques: kicking, punching, stance, etc. Then the fun and intensity begins as you move through 2-3minute rounds of “attacking” or “blocking” with your partner.

Body Image and Eating Disorder Coaching

This is a ____ week program where our professional eating disorder recovery coach provides guidance, support, and encouragement to individuals who are recovering from an eating disorder or disordered eating. The goal of this workshop is to establish a better relationship with food, their bodies, and their overall well-being. To provide emotional support, help clients navigate challenges related to food and body image, and assist in developing coping strategies to manage triggers and setbacks.

Learn to Gym 

Learn to Gym ___ week program designed to instruct participants how to use correct form during exercise to prevent injury and become effective. Learn how to build a work out program based on your goals….

Seniors Fitness: Gentle Fit 

___ week program targeted to the senior and elderly population. This is an exercise program to improve mobility, improve strength and endurance in a healthy gentle way. This will help improve the quality of life as we age, reduce risk of falls and injury…

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Holistic Healing

Athletic Therapy: Mobility, Injury Prevention and Management, Recovery

Recreational Therapy

Crisis Management

Stress Management

Self Care Self Love

CBT Workshop

Body Image 101

Length: 6 weeks 

What's included:

-Private Facebook group for support and community 

-1 60-90-minute session per week (depending on the number of people who sign up will depend on the length -Jacklyn, any feedback on length from previous groups you've led?)  

Cost: $300

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